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Do not post to the list unless you agree
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intended for orderly discourse. Your act
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Also, see Yahoo! Groups Guidelines:

The most important of the list rules is respectful dialogue:
it is off-topic to confront another member personally rather
than the ideas presented.

1. Courtesy in attitude and language when addressing others is
expected. Do not post when you are feeling angry; calm down; express
your maturity. You may disagree with or dislike what someone said.
Fair enough. Respond with your disagreement but not with ad hominem
replies, sarcasm, rude tone, offensive demeanor in general. This
applies not only to discourteous personal remarks against members but
against groups as well.

*For anyone who has been addressed disrespectfully it is appropriate to
state this in a private email to the offender.

Ad hominem is committed when one attacks another person with derogatory
assertions about the person rather than addressing the arguments. See
Logical Fallacies and the Art of Debate, Glen Whitman, California State University.

This forum supports dialogue over debate and is not intended to be a vehicle
for scoring points in debate.

While JesusMysteries is not solely an academic list, neither is it a chat
room. While welcoming everyone, we require professional levels of courtesy
and objectivity from active participants.

2. We ask members to stay on-topic: Christian origins with its
focus question, "Was Jesus an historical figure?" and date limit of 451 CE.
Wider issues of biblical criticism will sometimes arise beyond this central
question and this is fine as long as it doesn't get out of hand. When in
doubt as to what's relevant or appropriate for this list, write to
the moderators: JesusMysteries-owner@yahoogroups.com

We suggest that new members take their time before posting and read
the messages of others to get a feel for what we're about. On-topic
questions are welcomed. However, if you have questions or issues not
related to the list's topics, please write to the moderators at the
above address. We encourage members to share their concerns with us

Members are free to raise aspects of topics that are of particular
interest to them by beginning a new thread or picking up on an earlier
one at any time to carry the discussion forward from the archive/messages.

3. JesusMysteries is an ancient history list. We favor the methods generally
referred to as "historical criticism" or "higher criticism." We cannot accept
postings which talk of personal experiences or private matters having to do with a
person's faith or personal philosophy or theology. This forum is not
about personal faith, personal spirituality, or one's personal philosophy;
it is about the examination of the historical record through 451 C.E. and
must be restricted to that.

*Posts or links to websites which are of an apologetic nature are not
appropriate for this forum.

4. We require that all posts be signed with a proper name even if
your name appears in your address. Unsigned messages, initials or
pseudonyms for signatures are not acceptable.

5. Messages should be thoughtful and as concisely stated as will present
your points. Make each post count. Please do not flood the list with an
extraordinary number of messages per day. Over-partipation limits the
chance that others will be heard. The forum is not meant to be a chat room.
Consider emailing private messages instead.

6. When responding to a post, clearly indicate in the body of your message
(not in the Subject line) who it is that you are replying to. Delete the
parts of messages that you are not directly addressing.

7. Message headers are required--fill in the Subject line. When
you change the topic, change the Subject line to reflect the new topic.

*It will be appreciated if list-members would take care when
forwarding Digest messages that the Subject line be changed from
Daily Digest to the one that you are replying to.

8. Very long posts that state several issues or ramble are
tedious for other readers. Address one or two points per post
and then submit further posts addressing your remaining issues.
The more difficult you make it for others to read, understand,
and reply to your post, the less attention your views will

9. Spell check and proofread your posts for typographical
errors considering presentation and ease of reading for other

10. If you want to provide emphasis in your messages please do it
in another way other than CAPITALIZING which seems to others that
you are shouting.

11. We ask that members who would like to add materials to our
Files and Links pages send the material to the moderators for approval first.

12. No advertising, no spam. No advertising for other lists no matter how
relevant as these create a flood of postings for groups that we might not
wish to appear to endorse.

13. Do not forward messages to or from other groups without the
permission of the authors. No cross-posting.

14. Copyright laws apply to discussion lists.

15. All administrative comments and questions are off-topic and
should be directed off-list to the moderators at: JesusMysteries-owner@yahoogroups.com

*For an example of a message that mirrors the above guidelines see An Exemplary Post.

Despite the seriousness with which many approach this subject, or whether
in fact a human Jesus actually lived or not, the world will continue to
exist. We're here to learn, to sound each other out, and perhaps bring a
little more insight to our questions.

Let's keep it polite, stay on topic, and to the best of our abilities
apply reason and generally scholarly principles to the discussion.

Best Regards,

Nigel Chapman
Jim Farrell
Clarice O'Callaghan
Sid Green
Michael Turton
Dennis Walker

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